Animal vegetable compost

The basis for fertilizing sandy soils

Plant and animal waste divided into 50% vegetable and 50% animal, and this type is characterized by the merging of the elements in each type and the interaction of the elements with each other to give the speed of soil decomposition

With plant residues and increasing the soil component by plant residues and increasing soil elements by animal waste and is suitable for all types of crops

Features of animal vegetable compost :-


  • Free from nematodes and weed seeds
  • It significantly improves soil properties, especially sandy ones, and increases the degree of water retention.
  • This type of compost is characterized by high organic matter and soil constituent elements.
  • Saves about 30% of the use of chemical fertilizers

It contains twice the nutritional value of sabkh or sabla

  • Reduces the incidence of diseases and makes the plant well-growth
  • Turns sandy soil into fertile loam good for agriculture
  • Increases the acre production from 30% to 40%

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